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North Country Holistic Care Center is an award winning primary care practice established in 1996 in Glens Falls, New York.

Our focus is on total wellness and we offer a unique combination of high quality traditional medical care by Licensed Physicians and Physician Assistants as well as holistic care in one setting.

With over 1,000 current patients, our Practice welcomes new patients for integrative consults and care and will work along with your primary care physician to provide guidance and testing beyond that typically available in the conventional setting.

Our approach focuses on helping the body to heal itself through improved targeted nutrition, the judicious use of supplements, stress management, lifestyle modification and the use of conventional medicine when appropriate.    


North Country Holistic Care Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Diane MacDonnelll, M.D. has achieved Board Certification in the newly recognized medical specialty of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). She thus becomes one of only 1200 physicians nationwide to achieve this Certification. This new specialty offers a unique combination of conventional care by licensed medical physicians with complementary and alternative modalities. Board certification ensures that the physician has met rigorous criteria for training and examination. It also ensures that the Physician has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to and expertise in the physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental components that constitute true wellness and healing.


“Over the past few years I had gained 40 pounds and felt progressively sicker as I tried every weight loss plan and went from one doctor to another without any real answers for my weight gain, fatigue, migraines and joint pains. Dr. MacDonnell helped me to understand how many of my health issues were due to food allergies and toxicity. Lab tests and an elimination diet showed I had a severe gluten allergy as well as sensitivities to many other foods. Within three weeks on her detoxification plan I lost 12 pounds and my migraines, fatigue and joint pain disappeared. I wake up now full of energy and I feel (and look) better than I have in years.”


“NCHC is what I had been searching for – a medical practice that combines top notch medical care with the best of the natural methods out there. I was tired of being given “a pill for every ill.” I was thrilled to find that although Dr. MacDonnell and Jackie are licensed to write for drugs, that isn’t where they start. They look at me as a whole person and offer remedies such as nutrition, herbs and acupuncture that work with my body, not against it. I feel so grateful to have found these gifted and caring people.”


“When I came to NCHC I was on seven different medications – for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and chronic low back pain. I was 30 pounds overweight and felt broken down and tired. I felt hopeless that I would ever feel well again. Every doctor I went to added another pill. That was two years ago and I can honestly say Dr. MacDonnell has given me my life back. My weight is down, my cholesterol is normal, I am no longer diabetic, my mood and energy are through the roof – all without medications. ”


“I am so thrilled with North Country’s Anti Aging Program. I was suffering through menopause with weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, depression, thinning hair and dry, wrinkled skin. The balance I achieved has been a miracle – I look and feel 20 years younger!”


“For years I had wanted to try natural medicine for my high blood pressure and diabetes but I was confused by all the products, information and claims I heard about. I asked my doctor but he said he didn’t know anything about alternative medicine and that I could expect to be on my medication for the rest of my life. I was thrilled to find a doctor who was willing to listen and who had the skills to help me come off my medicines safely.”


New Patients

We are now accepting new patients for holistic and acupuncture care.

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