Integrative Medicine:

North Country Holistic Care Center offers multiple modalities to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical & emotional well being.





Defy Your DNA!

New Program at NCHC offers genetic testing for 34 of the most medically relevant factors related to:
Weight ManagementOptimal NutritionCardiac HealthBrain
Bone HealthMemoryMood Disorders

Who can benefit from our program:
  • Patients seeking to break familial patterns associated with chronic conditions
  • Patients interested in personalized guidance on health and wellness
  • Patients seeking to develop targeted nutrition and supplement solutions
  • Patients preparing to conceive
  • Patients with troubling, unexplained health issues

Why get tested?

Many people hesitate, "I don't want to know if I have that gene; what good will knowing do?" The emerging field of epigenetics – the study of factors that influence gene expression- answers that question, and in many cases, the answer is, "A lot!" We now know that there are many factors that influence how a gene is expressed or whether it is expressed. Our Defy Your DNA Program tests for genes that influence important areas of our health and that have been shown to have important "epigenetic" or modifiable factors, including nutrition, lifestyle, stress and nutritional supplementation. Our Program includes consultation with a geneticist and guidance on important factors that can change the impact of your genetic profile.